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VMF - Electric motors, stators and rotors

Blanking, stacking and die-casting of laminations for electric motors


VMF: quality and innovation for current and upcoming clients

VMF supplies products and services to a wide range of clients, from worldwide companies to niche companies specialized in custom and innovative electric motors. VMF has a long history, success, quality and innovation that has been recognized by its current and upcoming clients.

VMF’s products

Civil engineering uses

Electrical tools
Power generators
Automatic opening devices
Air conditioning and ventilation

Renewable energy sources

Wind turbine power generators

Industrial uses

Industrial machines
Industrial cranes
Industrial cleaning machines
Industrial automation solutions
Ventilation systems

Engineering uses

Gearbox motors
Brushless/permanent magnet motors
Flameproof motors
Waterproof pumps
Marine electric motors
Electrical service devices
Linear motors
Electric traction motors

IEC catalogue: the international standard

IEC stands for International Elctrotechnical Commision, founded in 1906 with the purpose of establishing and implementing international standards to electric technologies and their components. International Electrotechnical Commision, (Commission electrotechnique internationale), is an international association that defines the standards for electricity, electronics and their products.

Client-focused company providing excellent service


VMF’s mission is to manufacture the best stators and rotors for electric motors and guarantee satisfaction to its clients: supplying products for the civil, ingegneristic and industrial industry with professional support and fast customer service.

customer satisfaction

VMF’s clients can find a company that is focused on customer satisfaction when looking for rotors and stator solutions. At VMF you will find high-quality raw materials, R&D, quality control, high technology solutions and fast and efficient customer care.


When working in the manufacturing world you must guarantee maximum flexibility to your clients and provide them with custom-made to satisfy their needs. VMF’s supply of rotors and stators is timely and fast; VMF knows that flexibility is crucial for a successful business.


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